11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE

11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE
11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE

11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE

Breathe new life in your bedroom with our Felicity gel memory foam mattress. If you've had enough of stiffness and soreness every time you wake up, this mattress will keep your neck and spine in perfect alignment. You'll definitely notice a huge difference in the quality of your sleep.

FREE Mattress Cover comes already installed on the Mattress! Free Pillow(s) are rolled in with the mattress at the factory. They are compressed and are sometimes missed underneath the mattress.

All Pillows are Standard Size and Include Shredded Memory Foam with a zippered Pillow Cover. Body Pillow, Throw Pillow/Blanket from Main Image are Not Included. All Mattresses Are Not Created Equal! However, this is not the case and is why we wanted to highlight some very important factors that go into deciding on the best mattress for your dollar. Cool & Gel-infused Layer For More Refreshing Sleep. Unlike most of our competitors, we guarantee that all our mattresses have a Cool and Gel-Infused layer for unmatched comfort. One of the common complaints about memory foam mattress is that it traps body heat. We address this issue by including an additional layer that promotes air ventilation and heat insulation in all our brands. You'll never sleep on a hot mattress again!

More Layers = More Comfort & Support. While most of our competitors offer two layers, all of our mattresses are made of at least three layers of top-grade foams for maximum comfort and support.

Also, be sure to check the amount of Memory Foam that is included with the mattress. For example, a 10" Mattress versus a 10" Mattress is not always a fair comparison if one mattress has 1" of Memory Foam and the other has 3". Be wary of any mattress that does not explicitly list the layers of foam.

STANDARD 100 By OEKO-TEX Certified Covers. Many other sellers cover their mattresses with cheap textiles while Bedding Stock only furnishes our mattresses with covers that are high grade, comfortable, and most importantly free of harmful chemicals. Our Certification Number is SHHO 060330 that can be verified on the site link.

Factory overruns and closeouts are mattresses that no one else wanted and usually for a good reason. These sometimes can be several years old, have changed hands several times, and are even known to lack the required tags.

We actually have ordered to verify this! Pillows That You Will Actually Use. Bedding Stock has experimented with several different Free Pillows over the years. We started out with Contour models.

Well because they were the cheapest! However, after receiving many complaints due to the lack of comfort and the fact that you can't even turn over a contour pillow; we decided to offer real standard size pillows with our mattresses.

In short, we could provide eight Contour Pillows for the price that we pay for two Standard Pillows, but what's the point of giving a customer more of something if they will never use them? BREATHABLE WHITE POLY JACQUARD QUILTED FABRIC.

Remarkably delightful to touch, the breathable white poly jacquard fabric makes our mattress always look clean and fresh. Memory foam provides excellent support and natural spinal alignment as the gel particles easily dissipate heat as you sleep. Specifically designed to relieve various pressure points, eliminate discomfort, and promote healthy blood circulation.

Tested by an accredited, independent lab. Certified to meet strict standards for content, indoor emissions, and durability. Reduces bounce and absorbs movement. Works effectively when one gets out of bed without disturbing the sleeping partner.

Activated charcoal absorbs harmful odors and helps fight mold and mildew. It will not rub off, wash off, or wear off. Quantities are Limited, So Don't Miss Out!

Bedding Stock has built a reputation as an online store that sells QUALITY mattresses and other sleep products at CRAZY-LOW PRICES. We also make sure our customers receive the best service. Proof of this is our 99.6% positive customer reviews. Because of our devotion to quality, superb customer service, and desire to sell our products at the very affordable prices, many of our product models are often OUT OF STOCK.

Youre just a few clicks away from getting the best sleep ever. Enjoy a secure and hassle-free shopping experience with Bedding Stock. Only the first 30 entries are eligible to win the prize.

Send your mattress photo now before it's too late. Just take a quality photo of your bed with a Bedding Stock mattress. The bed must be well set, preferably in a well-lit place. Post your photograph on our Facebook page and write how our Bedding Stock mattress was able to help you sleep better. Don't forget to LIKE our Facebook page!

The most creative photograph will be chosen as the winner. The contest winner will appear on our Facebook page.

Superior comfort with just the right level of firmness for a restful night's sleep. Unrivaled support blended with the health benefits of nature. The perfect union of aloe vera and memory foam technology.

Enjoy sleeping on a collection of cool and cozy mattresses with an ideal harmony of comfort and support. How is Bedding Stock different from other mattress companies? First, we make sure all our sleep products undergo strict quality control by accredited, independent labs and meet the highest standards for content, indoor emissions, and durability.

Lastly, Bedding Stock prides itself on providing premium quality products while keeping them at affordable prices. How do Bedding Stock mattresses compare to brands like Sealy, Serta, and Tempur-Pedic. While we cant compare model to model we can say that our mattresses are actually preferred over some of the big name brands by many of our customers. We can provide real customer Feedback, Reviews, and Testimonials to back us up! The only difference between our mattresses and the ones in your local retail store is the price!

How long should I wait before I can use my new mattress? Most mattresses will decompress within a few hours. However, sometimes they make take a few days or longer in rare occasions. In any case you can sleep on it as soon as it is unpacked!

In fact, we recommend you to sleep on the mattress right away as the movement will help open up the air pockets and allow it to decompress at a quick rate. What type of foundation should I use? A steel base, box springs, or a platform bed are all ideal bases to go under a memory foam mattress. The harder the surface, the better the memory foam mattress will perform. However, do not use a box spring with coils as these are made for traditional innerspring mattresses. If you do have a box spring with coils or any foundation that has any type of give then you can simply put a piece of plywood on top to give the mattress the proper support it needs.

Will my new Bedding Stock mattress smell or off-gas? Most customers report no odor at all. However, any odor associated with Memory Foam products is perfectly natural. In the event you smell an odor rest assured as it will quickly dissipate once it has had a chance to breathe.

Please note this is the same with all Memory Foam products and not just ours. Will a memory foam mattress make me sleep hot?

Our memory foam mattresses are expertly crafted for optimal airflow and breathability, thanks to the open cells found inside the mattresses. How We Sell For Less.

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11 inch FULL COOL Aloe Vera Gel Infused Memory Foam Mattress FREE Pillow SALE